Chicago Junior Race Week 2019

Chicago JRW consists of three great events hosted by four of Chicago’s leading yacht clubs in fantastic venues up and down the Chicago coast of Lake Michigan. Register for one, two or all three events! We will fill in detail on this calendar as the event develops.


Chicago JRW Buoy Racing August 2-4, 2019

Two great days of course racing for Opti (RWB and Green Fleet) at Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club and Lasers and 420s at Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Harbor. Beginner racers can enjoy a great day of racing in the protected waters of Jackson Park Harbor hosted by Jackson Park Yacht Club. Practice day is Friday August 2 and then racing will be August 3 and 4 (August 3 only for beginner racers, with August 4 a rain day). Enjoy great racing on the water with world-class race committees as well as fun social events off the water.

Chicago JRW Distance Race August 5, 2019

Join in a unique distance race for Lasers, Optis and 420s from Belmont Harbor to Monroe Harbor. Take in the fantastic Chicago skyline as you race a distance course past iconic skyscrapers, Navy Pier, and downtown Chicago to arrive at Columbia Yacht Club for the third part of Junior Race Week, the Skyline Regatta.

Skyline Regatta August 6 and 7, 2019

Wrap up junior race week with two more days of fun course racing at Columbia Yacht Club’s Skyline Regatta. Race near Monroe Harbor in front of the amazing downtown skyline of Chicago. As a bonus, Skyline racers may have the option of joining in some big boat racing fun on Wednesday evening August 7 as part of the CASRA Race Week’s 100 Boat Beercan Regatta.